"Small Good Things" 英語版によせて(1)


"After reading this booklet,  I was transported back to my own childhood years in Mt. Malindang in Misamis Oriental, Philippines. I was born in Sta. Catalina Negros Oriental, but due to famine and crises my family moved to Misamis oriental for a better pasture. We lived in the mountains and planted all sorts of vegetables and crops for our food supply. Ji and Ba's way of life in Kito Mountain resembles my parents' life in Mr. Malindang. I enjoyed going to the river with my father to catch some fish or eel. We would pack our food with banana leaves and eat in the river bank with the fish that we caught. This booklet reminded me of so many beautiful memories that I had in the mountain where I had witnessed nature and human beings in perfect harmony. I appreciate how Ji and Ba preserved the traditional and natural ways of doing things in order to survive. I agree with the author about living a harmonious life with nature without depending too much on machineries and inventions. It's nice to go back to the mountain and experience the real beauty of traditional ways of gathering food and finding comforts without using any modern technologies. If given the chance to visit Japan, I would love to visit Kito mountain and watch Ji and Ba's daily activities. I am sure that it would be such an amazing experience."